• Why Larisa School in Nikolaev Ukraine?

    ​ Thousands of students have trusted Larisa School of Language with their language needs. Helping students achieve life and business goals is what we do everyday. Larisa believes in a strong community and gives back to Nikolaev everyday in the way of scholarships and more. Choose Larisa English Language School and you will see why […]

  • Best Russian Lessons in Ukraine Online

    ​ The Russian language is taught at many schools in Ukraine. Russian lessons can be taken in private and group. Larisa School of Language has been offering Russian lessons to students around the world since November 2008. Russian is taught using many resources based on the needs of each student. Lessons can be taken in […]

  • Private English Language School in Ukraine

    Private language schools are everywhere in Ukraine. They vary in size, number of rooms, number of teachers, locations and teaching methodology. Most private language schools teach with outdated methods. Old books, no computers, simple small rooms, classrooms without modern media equipment and outdated methodologies. At Larisa English Ukraine, we teach in modern facilities. Classrooms are […]

  • The Best Language School in Ukraine

    What makes Larisa School of Language the best language school? It’s simple, we get students speaking fast. Speaking English fluently for all students is always our first priority. Helping students speak fast is just one of the elements Larisa English Ukraine is known for. Young students and adults have enjoyed the progressive teaching methods at […]

  • Number One Language School in Ukraine

    Larisa Language School has been ranked number one by our students for years. The best English is taught at Larisa. Why? Our teachers are different. Experienced and educated; That’s how our students describe our professional teachers. Larisa teachers are always prepared for lessons and answer questions with professionalism. Here are just a few of the […]

  • Larisa Freestyle English and Knowledge Retention. by Billgreen54

    ​ At the beginning stages of English, a basic foundation needs to be established. What is a basic foundation? Let’s start with the eight parts of English. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives and interjections. Unfortunately, just learning the eight parts of English isn’t enough. Learning how to teach them is the real key. […]

  • Larisa Freestyle English Ukraine Explained by Billgreen54

    Join the thousands who are learning English a completely unique way. No two students learn the same way at the same pace. Busy schedules, home life, work and travel are all part of everyday life. Finding time to study English is never easy for those who enjoy a busy lifestyle. For more information in Russian. […]

  • Elementary English Word List 10

    Elementary English Word List 10 address book адресная книга agree соглашаться all the time всё время any какой-нибудь, любой armchair кресло; шезлонг; диван bank банк baker’s булочная bathroom ванная комната bedroom спальня best лучший, наилучший block блок; квартал book книга, (бронировать, резервировать) bookshelf книжная полка bookshop книжный магазин both оба, обе bread хлеб briefcase портфель […]

  • Elementary English Word List 9

    Elementary English Word List 9 air воздух Arab араб; арабка bank берег (реки), набережная birthplace месторождение bridge мост building здание, строение busy деятельный; занятой capital city столица car park автостоянка cathedral кафедральный собор church церковь clean чистый coast морское побережье commercial коммерческий, торговый composer композитор concert концерт cosmopolitan космополитический, многонациональный cottage загородный дом, коттедж country […]


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