What are Count Nouns? Grammar Review

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What are Count Nouns? Grammar Review

Count or Countable nouns can be referred to as one or many (Plural). Most nouns in English are countable. Countable nouns are referred to as concrete nouns. If you can count it, it is countable. Abstract nouns refer to intangible things like ideas, actions, feelings, ideals, concepts and qualities. However, there are general rules. Liquids, grains, and most collective nouns are considered uncountable.

Many nouns are both uncountable and countable when we use quantifiers. Fruit and vegetables are just two collective nouns that are both. Count nouns can be divided into smaller units you can see or hear individually. Most but, not all count nouns can be pluralized by adding a final ‘s to the nouns. Many plural nouns are spelled differently. If you can place a number before the noun, it is countable. Don’t forget, most nouns are also verbs in the English language! Ask your teacher for a more detailed explanation and examples. Have fun with nouns!

Concrete Noun Examples

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One table, two chairs, three pencils, four books, five computers!

Concrete Collective Nouns with Quantifiers

Piece of furniture, school of fish, colony of bees, army of ants!

Collective Count/Uncountable Noun Examples

One vegetable, two fruits, three metals, four valuables!

Concrete Nouns Spelled Differently

Child/Children, Man/Men, Leaf/Leaves, Wolf/Wolves, Wife/Wives!

There is a lot more to the subject of nouns. This grammar review is just a small part of English to help you better understand the subject of nouns.
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Visit What are Count Nouns? Grammar Review Audio Version

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