Larisa English Club #18

English Grammar.

Me Too / Me Neither

The easiest way to agree in English is to say ”Me too” (to agree with a positive statement) or “Me neither” (to agree with a negative statement):

“I love strawberry ice cream.” (Response) “Me too!”

“I don’t go to the gym very often.” (Response) “Me neither.”

A “negative statement” is any sentence that uses a negative auxiliary verb. In other words a verb used with “Not”.

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don’t / doesn’t / didn’t (Verb “Do” with “Not”).

can’t (Modal verb “Can” with “Not”).

haven’t / hasn’t / hadn’t (Verb “Have” with “Not”).

won’t / wouldn’t (Modal verb “Will” with “Not”).

isn’t / aren’t / am not (Verb “To be” with “Not”).

You can say “Me too” or “Me neither” in response to statements in any tense (present, past, future, present continuous, present perfect, past perfect, etc.)

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