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Контакты школы “Лариса”

Наши контакты

Мы находимся в Украине, г. Николаев. Школа расположена в центре, на углу улиц Соборной и Шевченко. Это в двух кварталах от проспекта Центрального – главной автомагистрали города.

Вход с улицы Шевченко, второй этаж.

Точный адрес: Украина, г. Николаев, ул. Шевченко, 63.

Телефоны: (0512) 71-71-96, (094) 944-01-96, (097) 82-02-394.

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  1. Kristianne Bernard

    I learn Ukrainian from Preply, a company that teaches using Skype. Will this be enough for me to survive an exchange student’s life in Ukraine?
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    • admin

      Teaching by Skype is very popular form today. The efficiency is depend on a teacher and, of course, a student. You can try lessons from different schools and choose the most interesting for you. Larisa school is situated in Ukraine. Our teachers are native Ukrainian and Russian speakers. In our school we have free 30-minutes trial lesson. For additional information contact us –

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