English Business English Masterclass
Flexible Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English

Flexible Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English

Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English is the first flexible English course offered at Larisa School of Language. It can take as few as, ten one hour lessons to complete.

The main idea of Larisa English Masterclass is to offer a student the ability to study quickly as a review of the English Language. This program is not for everyone. It’s for students who understand that learning English is a serious commitment.

Learning any language takes time on the students part as well as a teachers commitment to excellence with a focus on the desired results of the student. Results will vary based on a students comprehension and dedication to study time.

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    Отличная программа для изучения английского “по работе”. Выберите нужное именно Вам направление!

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